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Choose a Good Day

1. What circumstances need you to choose a good day?
Married, engaged, move out, ground-breaking work, building the beam, build hearth, business and travel, break up the family and live apart, burial etc.

2. What is the advantage to select a good day?
For example : the company opening, select a good day, it is like the birth, which relates to the fate of the entire company; If it is a good business day, the whole company's future is bright, it will be smooth sailing, and make a big progress.

3. Does it bad if not to choose day?
If doesn't choose day,there's a good life,they can,If it's bad day,it won't lead to smooth,it will be too late.

4. Is it helpful to choose a good day to birth (Caesarean section)?
If you take caesarean section, a good choice of date is necessary, it's the same as a natural-born, choose the date of birth, and get a good destiny; because of the baby's body, bone is actually soft before birth, and gradually stiffen after birth, this is the truth scientific validate .The fate of a person is good or bad all relies on birthday, the birth is extremely important.

5. Need you forecast in advance to have children?
Some couples prefer girls, some couples prefer boys, different people have different psychology, the best way is to forecast, select a good pregnancy time. The couple's fate, in a certain amount of time, sexual intercourse can bring a son, but in a certain amount of time, sexual intercourse can bring daughter. If you need daughter or son, you must forecast before hand, we always can do.

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