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Change Fate

Chairman Shao Changwen said: " Every sick has its medicine, I'm afraid of people don't know the enjoyment; If grasp the opportunity and you will have a good life."

1. What's Changes fate?
1) it will help to improve health, education, career, marriage, fortunes etc.
2. It can remove the disasters, change fate, change a bad thing into good, and promote step by step.

2. What items are included in the Changing fate?
1. Pray happiness, prolong life, beg for child, learning, career, wealth and fortune, marriage and promotion.
2. Resolve Disaster, disaster prevention, mitigation and defuse antagonism, diseases difficult to treat with, strange diseases.  
3. Dragnet, Families are not lucky, Children committed killers etc.
4. All congenital be fated to be suppressed by the enemy, interferences by people with no relationship, adjust the fate can eliminate the disasters.

3. What kind of disasters can be relieved?
1. lift scourge : fate with inescapable catastrophe,so frail as to encounters with ghosts (who caused the mad. serious illness) can lift the scourge. 
2. Strange diseases: can't check out the reasons for the disease, hospitals are unable to treat. No organic lesions of the disease, disorders, inexplicable illnesses, diseases of unknown causes, no good effect after long-term treatment diseases, psychological phobia and regular nightmares, feelings of impatience and other diseases, his disaster can be lifted
3. Tight encirclement: The fate of a dragnet can be relieved.
4. Families are not smooth: filiation is not harmony, a rocky relationship between Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, marital disharmony, the mutual suppression of the couples, born doomed to mutual conflicts and so on, we can help to relieve their misery.
5. Child's col of Iblis:  Congenital horoscopes with "water disaster", the generals arrows etc, all can lift.
6. Study, career, fortune, promotion, after conditioning can also be increased by 1-2 grade.
7. If the young people get a dead lucky 80% (or less) can be lifted, the elderly can not be disarmed.
8. Lifting the disaster under the circumstances, some small disaster needn't to lift (themselves can avoided), but some others should not be lifted.
9. The fate of different reasons, different disasters, after the lifting of the disaster, the results are different.

4. What kind of the scourge should not be lifted?
1. The disabled people inborn can not be disarmed.
2. The elderly have the greatest life expectancy can not be disarmed.
3. Majority of apoplexy, cancer late patients should not be lifted.
4. Their lifetime (or preexistence, or ancestors) did too many bad things, caused by the scourge should not be lifted.

5. How can people do when their scourge can't remove?
1). Do more charitable things, throw one's bread upon the waters, and sincerely help others.
2). More and more burning incense over intercession of worship, free captive animals

6. Is it useful to do good things all life?
1. A good man must have good returns; Man without a good return, his preexistence is (or ancestors) did too many guilt.
2. Villain will be judgment retribution for evildoing; if there is no evil villain of return is his preexistence (or ancestors) did too much good things

7. How can you know there is disaster?
1. After horoscopes forecast, the eight trigrams forecast and depend on reality situations.

8. What kind of instance you meet that you must change your luck?
1. Some congenital birth (predestined) from the gods disaster.
2. Some are frail encountering with ghosts, known to disrupt so that the fate is not so smooth.
3. Some are unlucky not reconcile with lucky, residential buildings around impact your luck and the door of geomancy is not good,or ancestral graves caused  errors.
4. Some are physical weakness, psychological weakness, and caused fright.
5. Some caused by bad name, resulting in life is not smooth and caused disease...

9. Will it turns better immediately after adjust luck of fate?
1. After adjusting good fate, diseased people and the mad will turn better soon. Serious weaklings need stretch to be able to mend.
2. If there are no disasters or disease at present, it of course won't be happen in the future.

10. What measures can lift disaster?
1. The scourge has its reason. Solve the reasons, the consequences can be eliminated, these methods can be used: the fate of remedial five elements, geomancy way to reconcile, invocation method, power of Buddha, etc.

11. What conditions is needed to adjust destiny?
1. Names and the used name, gender, place of birth, place of residence, place of work.
2. Born on a certain date, it will be better to know accurate birth-time. 
3. The situation of nowadays or special requirements for the project to adjust.
4. Contact (Zip, detailed address, addressee, telephone).

12. What is the principle for changing fate and adjust luck?
1. In the universe we can see that if a Moon air is not reconcile to the Sun Air , which will lead to thunder and lightning, hail, floods, drought.
2. Destiny is a small celestial bodies, the moon air and the solar air  can't keep a good balance, the five elements is abnormal , which will lead to accidents, illness, penalties, bankruptcy, the fate is not smooth. But after adjustment, the moon air and the solar air will come to a good balance again.
3. Fate seemed dirty clothes, the clothes in the process bring bacteria. Change luck and fate is like cleaning clothes, it will clean again after washing.
4. The fate is like a field of vegetable, vegetable is sick when the pests aggrieve it, when the pests are killed, vegetables will be healthy. Changing fate is just like it.

13. How can I believe that changing fate is effective?
1. The "soul" is invisible and intangible. As long as we know who is a living, we can understand this truth. Confucius said: "I on the 15-year-old to study hard and become a real man at 30-year-old, 40-year-old not to be confused. 50-year-old know predestined things, 60-year-old can listen to whatever "even without the knowledge of Confucius, We might appreciate some meaning.
2. Changes fate adjust luck, you need to go to the altar, play and please to all the "Buddha, God, young God," Rely on them to cleanse the soul (shed the responsibility of all crimes), to eliminate one's soul's bacteria, re-adding a layer of protection film, it will not easy to be infringed by the unhealthy vogue. Those who will not be tortured, "change fate" will be effective.

14. What is the effect of changing Fate and adjusting luck?
1. The lack of smooth: you can adjust calamity to minor problem, a small problem into no problem;
2. A disease: After adjustment fate, can reduce illness (Serious disease immediately turn better), events (unhappen), after conditioning will not happen.
3. The safe: After adjusting fate, their own soul to protect themselves, will not befall the scourge, have a flourishing career, upgrade wealth and more health and longevity.
4. Students: Some students haven't smooth luck, the test scores failed again and again, after transferring, he is able to smoothly into college, live happily.
5. Government officials: Some officials' not vocational promotion, after adjusting fate, getting on the upgrade (some high flying).
6. Who ask for money: After transferring, the fortunes gradually increased, and some people with good fortunes, after conditioning, he will be more benefit, have very well-known reputation.
7. Who in wrangle : Some husbands and wife not harmony, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is not in harmony, the father and son did not harmony, After conditioning ,they will like each other.
8. Luck with the opposite sex: some people need luck with the opposite sex; there will be natural have after conditioning.
Some men held a peach without taking account of a wife, and after the management changes, the affection between husband and wife will be sweet like a candy.
9. Every enemy of hate: Some people pray God, Buddhist, let the other people have bad luck, (many are efficacious, some others were befallen catastrophe) after conditioning, encountered a bad thing into a good thing.
10. Three times of restraint: restraint of parents, subjugate between husband and wife, subjugate between brothers, to lead a good life after changing the fate. .
11. Child's col of Iblis: Congenital horoscopes with a "water disaster", the general's arrows etc, get smooth life after conditioning.
12. Pregnant women: After conditioning, the fetus would more healthy, the mother more comfortable, reducing disease, the fetus was born and grew up by a big supporting role.

15. What specific extent will achieve after changing fate to a Good luck?
1. Changes fate is limited: you need a certain time to change your situation.
2. Normal people: after adjustment for health, education, career, and fortunes, to a certain extent to be improved.
3. Hope to be Officials: for instance a civilian, after adjustment, want to be the emperor is still impossible, only rising 1-2 grade (or progress over).
4. Who ask for money: Conditioning, who would like to buy a lottery to win the five million dollars, is impossible; fortunes change for the better will be slowly.
5. Poverty: conditioning, only lead a normal life (live better than before.).
6. Rich people: after conditioning, will have more wealth obviously.
7. A disease: after conditioning, only reduce illness and rapid turn better. Serious illnesses, will have more obvious effects, most can quickly turn better.
8. Three times of restraint: after conditioning, a lifetime will no longer have bad things.
9. The Robbery: conditioning and then do bad things, the scourge will be even more serious.
10. The tight encirclement: after conditioning, would be no disasters.
11. Unable to make progress, or in a difficult situation, the fate of adjustments can help you progress.

16. What should we do when changing fate or (later)?
1. After changed fate, you should also continence yourselves, continue to do good deeds, never do bad things.
2. After changing fate, the best way is multi-worshiping, the main gods and Buddha will feel more acceptable and easier to bless your souls.
3. After changing fate, you should strive for upward to make progress; not that we have gotten a good fate, just waiting for good things.

17. How can we do if we have done the changing fate things without effect?
1. From 2000 to today, more than 10,000 customers to find teacher Shao to change fate, they wrote many grateful letters, according to customers' feedback, have not yet heard of "no effect."

18.People who want to change fate, need they go to the altar personally?
1. People who want to change fate, as long as fill the bill "the application forms of adjusting fate "in details, they needn't go to the altar personally.
2. As long as write clearly "the name, the past used name, place of birth, residence, work units," God and Buddha can protect your soul.
3. People who want to change fate went to the altar or not, have same effects.

19. Methods of changing fate and adjusting luck:
1. Provide materials: the need to adjust one's fate, his name, sex, birth time, place of birth, place of work.
2. Adjustment time: Adjusting destiny, to choose a God-come -day (usually within 10 days after money received), conditioning often held in the evening.
3. Adjusted locations: generally used the specialized altar
4. Adjusted Method: teacher Shao personally go to the altar, used ancestors passed down through the ages, authentic Buddhism, to restore balance of one's fate.
5. Adjusted results: After conditioning, on the summary, the success estimate is over 99%.
6. Adjusted rime: most of them are the invocation. After conditioning, conditioning invocation must be eaten, and then fate should gradually turn better.
7. The time to react: If a disease, the more serious, the sooner recover, but the light of the disease, can only gradually turn for the better.
8. How to eat the invocation: after conditioning, teacher Shao will provide detailed explanations.
9. Invocation's transmitting: sent by registered letter, the general city 3 days can be received, long distance, about 6-7 days.

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