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1. What's the magic of the eight trigrams fortune-telling?
The eight trigrams fortune-telling has a unique magic to give the advanced forecast, reflecting the advanced functions. It can measure the sky, the earth, the people and everything in the universe; it has all-inclusive features, to forecast everything.

2. What can the eight trigrams fortune-telling tell you about people's fate and things?
House, Graves, the door , waterways, family fortune, personal luck, illness or injury, officials of litigation ,lost property, business, education, engineering, marriage, son and heir, fortunes, pedestrians ....

3. How about the accuracy of the eight trigrams fortune-telling?
The master who is genuine ability and learning, accurate rate can reach 90% to 100%, with some quack practitioners, can't say it well.

4. Is the eight trigrams fortune-telling really so magical?
it is Indeed miraculous, if you invested so much, you must forecast (especially large enterprises, factories, shops ... ) If you don't take first forecast , those items unsuitable for their own destiny, the industry and investment will have serious risks.

5. Is there any auspicial model case of teacher Shao?
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