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1. Are there any solutions to the sterility?
Need forecast at first (first,husband and wife's birthday,name,residence, and their wedding day,etc.).

2. What can causes sterility?
1). some husbands and wives do not match each other, the horoscopes cause sterility.
2). some couples have poor health, caused sterility.
3). some have a bad wedding day, cause sterility.
4). some couples, one's name damaged the "children palace," which can not bear children.
5). some geomancy errors (including residence, beds, office space, etc.), can cause sterility.
6). some horoscopes caused by the wrong moon air and solar air,day and hour, which caused sterility.
7). some couples' fate of their children are not at the palaces, natural sterility...

3. Is there any way to remedy sterility?
If you encounter the above situation, at first, you should know what are the reasons to occur sterility, where is wrong, where should it be remedied, some can't remedy; some couples' fate is doomed no children, only ask for others to get other's child.

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