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Geomancy and Fate of Owner Relationship

1. What is the geographical geomancy?
Geographical geomancy is the geographical geophysics, hydrology, geology, constellation, meteorology, euthenics, architecture, Ecology and the information of human life, after combined, geographical geomancy is a comprehensive integration nature science. Which purpose is study to understand the natural environment carefully and thorough, use and transform nature, and create a good living environment, winning the best of weather, geography, and achieve the perfect realm which goal is "Nature and Humanity". Geomancy is the essence of "atmosphere", and "atmosphere" is the source essential of life. Geographical geomancy is the "atmosphere ".The surrounding environment is all objects in space and time decision by the "order" .Change the "order", it is precisely one of way to make quantitative changes to qualitative changes about "dialectical materialism", (Another way is Accumulate quantity), changes in the environment, objects' (furniture, desks, etc.) location, the " atmosphere " is also changed ,and geographical geomancy changed too ,So geographical geomancy study is Environmental Studies, life science, It's not superstition but a true science.

2. What’s the relation between Geography geomancy and the fate of owner?
In the natural and social sciences theory, geography geomancy and layout of the environment is very important .even relations to the hierarchic rank and distinction .Office space and residential spaces, the disposal of doors, beds, kitchens, bathrooms will impact health and job; state-owned enterprises and private units (office space), the right job promotions and career development will also have an impact. This study of geographical geomancy really has some remedial role.

3. What is the remedy to life by good Geography geomancy?
The residential home has good geomancy, the whole family's mental and physical health will be well, and the career and wealth will greatly facilitate and smooth sailing. Good office space geomancy, can bring levels of customers come through the door with a good politeness, feeling good to each other, and get trading success.

4. What is the effect of bad Geography geomancy?
Bad residential geomancy, will cause the spirit of grievances, poor health, to a lesser extent bankruptcy and quarrel; Severe illness or injury, disability or even death. Has a bad office space geomancy, the matter is not satisfactory, narrow; the business is not easy, work hard to win nothing, job downward.

5. What should we do to have a good Geographic geomancy?
1. It should tone congenital birthday horoscopes with the position, to acquire remedial role.
2. Residence and office space oriented, connect to ... birthday horoscopes, this is the moon air and the solar air rotating role (like lightning and thunder).
3. Geomancy has always been considered as the hub and button to the fate.
4. Geomancy secrets is clandestinely imparted, the real secret of geomancy never made public.
5. Geomancy is must have true capabilities teachers, the planning use the Zhouyi principle is a particularly important element.
6. In recent years, some sciolistic empiric in the community, pretend to be experts to hurt people.
7. Hope you find the master to plan.

6. Can teacher Shao go out to see geomancy personally?
If it is large state-owned enterprises (such as: realty, arsenal, national and international businesses, etc.) teacher Shao will assist planning.

7. How to ask for teacher Shao to plan Residential (houses, apartments, villas)?
If see the residential geomancy, we should need chamber design, and the door towards (the accurate degree of orientation) sent to us, we should also see the route map, the direction of coming-river and going-water, and all the family's birthdays.
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