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Name & Rename

The correct name can make things smoothly; make one's mark will inevitable spread far away. Widely-known name come with famous fortune, well-known name followed with wealth.

1. What do people feel of the name?
1. The name is people (things)'s signs of symbol identification and substance identification.
2. The name of people (things) is the first intangible assets which isn't native.
3. the name of people (things) is radiation of the quality information which affecting the quality of the information base.
4. the name of people (things) is concentrated expression of the brand value.

2. What is the name and rename?
The names of children,adults renamed whose former name is bad,name(alias),the writer's penname.
Companies,enterprises (units, factories),the name of sights which allure tourist,products name, businesses (logo) names.

3. What is the use of taking a good name?
Confucius said: “it is better to teach you a technique than give you 1,000 gold, It is better to give you a good name than teach you a technical".
"If the name is improper, everything is wrong"
Su Dongpo said: “only real names can't be deceived in the world."
1. One has the good family environment, a good life, but also need a good name. Name can remedy the deficiencies of fate, can control their infaust divinity, therefore, a name, good or bad, is extremely important for life. If a person's name with a combination of four pillars, with the god to help themselves, not only on the body, family, education, enterprise ... so beneficial, but also can be smooth sailing, I wondered successful, it would be successful, fame hilltop, full finance and good officer, longevity and happiness, and a rich life.
2. Companies and enterprises (units, factories) name, a good name of sights which allure tourist, naturally wide-known, and business is booming.
3. Products businesses (logo) name, have a strong sense of identity and important to customers, in a competitive market, it will noteworthy and unforgettable.

4. What's the harm of a bad name?
1). Some people have bad name, mild situation, to be patients, family not kilter , poor health (disability), moil all life, Insolvency from all quarters , Grave situation , wife and son will be hurt, disaster-stricken fruit, even death.
2). Companies and enterprises (units, factories) name, tourist attractions with bad name, people naturally dislike the name when they hear it. Impact the career development.
3). Bad products' name, bad businesses' name (logo), can not open up the market, so the brand name is especially important.

5. How to improve our country (enterprise units, brand) and the development of the individual? What's our hope?
We hope that everyone has a good name and safety, life smoother.
We hope every baby has a good name, rapid advancement in his career, success and famous, helped him grow up healthy.
Hope each company has a good name, a flourishing career, a good Wealth.
Hope every commodity has a good brand, with its access to millions of households, businesses and the people all benefited.

6.Can China Zhouyi Seminar give a good name?
Baby name ---- let your name matches the reality.
Adult rename ---- you will be worthy of the name.
firm name ---- help you get reputation and interests.
Brand name ---- well known to many people.

7. What principle do we base on when China Zhouyi Seminar give a name?
1. The theory of the Five Elements in the fate to reconcile and balance each other to make up for the role.
2. Surnames, horoscopes, the word's meaning, melody, shape and structure with mutual adjustment.
3. Special, sonority, fineness, easy writing, easy remembered, with a certain sense.
4. Combined with the surname and name into a word, the meaning of a word containing chord explanation.
5. Companies and enterprises (units, factories) name, tourist attractions, products name and firms (logo) name; in conjunction with corporation (general manager) and all partners' birthday horoscopes, cooperate with each other to get a good name.

8. Can we ensure that teacher Shao give names personally?
Please take it easy, we from dozens of books and dictionaries to find the words to form names, only after teacher Shao has personally agreed, then we will send out documents.
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