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Forecast Help

Ancient people said: "it is better to teach you a technique than give you thousands of gold, it is better to give you a good name than teach you a technical".

Thank you,
Mom and Dad!
Help me take a good name
make my life healthy and happy
Thought success get success, all things have been very smooth.
rapid advancement in one's career
Thank you,
Mom and Dad!
Help me choose a good birthday,
Give me innocent and lively,
Smooth and healthy luck and longevity
I will build country, defend my motherland and serving people.

How can you foster highly successful children?
1. Choose good time to become pregnant.
2 .Choose good day to take Caesarean birth
3. Take a good name to remedy fate

  1. What profit does a good name have? What harm does a bad name have?
  2. How about the Geography geomancy impact to the lives of people?
  3. What magic do the eight trigrams have? What can it predict?
  4. What principle does fate based on? Can bad destiny be changed or not?
  5. What instance need to choose a good day?
       What's the good to choose a good birthday for the children (Caesarean birth)?

  6. Bad name, change it or not? After changed the name, how long will it effects?
  7. How does marriage forecast? What is the importance of this?
  8. Married for several years but not pregnant, how can you do?

Essential of Gestating Children:
According to the Four Poles and Eight Elements of one's birthday (astrologer), life is greatly influenced by the time of birth, According to historic figures birthday's horoscopes and fate, give them the comprehensive analysis, and accumulated experience, found that there is a very close relationship between producing good children and the time of conception, After years of practice, review and explore, Mr. Shao Changwen has understood the secret of the characters of the parents, some born boys, haven't a girl, and some born girls, haven't a boy; Sometimes the fate of parents affected their children, bring children a bad life, for example, lead to child's death, be suppressed, do harm to children's pullulation and success, as long as get forecasts in advance, have a good day to pregnant ... some tragedies can be raveled and avoided. Eugenic child will become a gifted people. To get boy or girl, you need to be forecasted in advance. The time of conception is important. For example: changing seasons throughout the year, the seeds should germinate in spring and give fruits in autumn. So time will affect the pregnancy, then affect children's healthy and fate, which are particularly important things to their parents.
Through scientific evaluation, practice and lessons, we remove the former superstitions continually ,they believe that "dragon has dragon son, the phoenix has phoenix girl, mice son will dig tunnels ".The feudal superstition fools the masses of childbearing, another idea is that father and son rule the world generations by generations ,the concept must be eliminated. To know more about the Zhouyi(astrologer) science and practicality, give right guidance of birth in order to improve the human development and the population's quality.
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