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Name Analysis

1. What's the cost of name analysis?
Name Analysis : Face to face forecast cost ¥30 ;letter measurement : temporarily free
Letter measurement of Name Analysis: http://mfcm.zy5000.cn

2. Must you change a bad name?
Bad names have many cases, to serious, it will harm parents, harm spouses, harm children, short-lived, disease, disability, the cause is not smooth, must change.
To minor, no doomed scourge, needn't to change.
The young people below 40 have a certain doomed disaster, need to change. To those 60 years of age or older people, no doomed scourge, no change.

3. After the name changed, how long can it effects?
Changed one's name, the main point is application; it will be gradually change his fate when new name is used, no use no force.

4. Need you change the booklet of registered permanent residence after name changed?
Booklet change or not is unimportant, Names written on the booklet, no use, no force.

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