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Company Profile

China Zhouyi Seminar is one of the information forecasting research centers. Its effect is providing world peace, technological progress, national development and the survival of humanity, prophet future life. forecast if every business can be successful upward. Our purpose is to carry forward the traditional culture of China Zhouyi, mainly by deciphering the code of life, geographical information and so on, to provide an accurate forecast data for human life, homes, health, venture give directions for people who are in plight.

President Profile

Shao Changwen, male. Alias: Shaowen, the pen name:Shaoyinge, born in 1962, in Fuzhou Fujian. Who is the 29th generation successor of Shao Kangjie, the Knowledgeable people of Confucianism of song Dynasty, Shao Weihua's compeer brothers, renowned experts of the book of China Zhouyi in china nowadays. He was fund of studying the knowledge of prophet when he was a little child. Master the secret formula of successive ancestor's Insight. Learning the cycle of 60 years and the mutual accrue and restraint between the five elements of traditional Chinese philosophy to believe in destiny (metal, wood, water, fire and earth). 1980 (in college), he began to study Professionally the Book of Zhouyi, the Eight Diagrams, geomantic omen, cosmology, Fate in one's name, the five elements of one's fate, Choose the right day, anthroposcopy and chiromancy and so on, through more than 20 years of concentrated effort, not only find the passwords and the law of geographic information From a theoretical perspective but also accumulated a wealth of experience in the Book of Zhouyi Forecasting Information. at the same time, devoted themselves to developing the residence geomantic omen software, choose optional date software, six-yao of people's fortune software, divinatory symbols software, the ten Heavenly Stems and the twelve Earthly Branches of one's birthday software, the software to give a good name etc, have achieved a breakthrough in the research results. to ensure the survival of mankind, to promote the Chinese traditional culture, he had made outstanding contributions.
On September 9th, 2004, he participated the "first China Architectural geomantic omen and healthy real estate development forum " as a special guest in the Great Hall of the People organized by the Ministry of Construction of China and the International Federation of Zhouyi . On January 8, 2005, participating in the "First Forum of China's contemporary celebrity" held in the Great Hall of the People. As a consultant of Chinese -International Zhouyi Research Association, chairman of the Association of China Zhouyi Seminar, as one of the Chinese, Application of China Zhouyi Seminar Center "name study" experts. His major works include " Life Principle outline" " Valuable Reference Materials of knowledge" "six-yao law of fate" "Chinese studying of names," Secret of Metaphysics " "one's fate number of Metaphysics" "examples of the eight number of the ten Heavenly Stems and the twelve Earthly Branches of one's birthday" , " Strange Road and Metaphysics "," six-yao intensive Explanation "," New SHAO Zi numbers of God ", "the Summary Hefty almanac" etc.

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