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Destiny Projections

1. What is the principle of fate?
Confucius said: "He who does not know the fate of himself can not be called a gentleman." Hope everyone will know his fate for more good fate and try to avoid bad. With the fate of birth, ranked eight words about one's birthday, to work out a person's good and bad fortune, it has a certain pattern, we hope everyone can seize the opportunity and develop future.

2. Is there any way to change the poor fate?
1). the eight words about one's birthday are doomed by birth, it is impossible to change; the bad destiny relies on remedies after born.
2). the first remedial method is remedy the name, it's one of their own, others can not share.
3). geomancy remedies,including residential,beds,ancestral graves,office space,career direction,etc.

3. Can we accurately project destiny?
It depends on your birthday, the accuracy of the birthday guarantees accurate fate-telling, there is no error in general.

4. Can it be forecasted if you don't know your birthday?
We must first figure out birthday, after that we can give predict. People don't know the birthday, according to his six relatives; horoscopes combine their luck, to figure out his birthday.

5. Can it change if the child's birthday bad?
It can't change the bad birthday, only can be remedied after birth.

6. How to do with bad fate?
Have a poor fate, you should be remedied, (for example: life committed dragnet, disability, unsound accident, the disaster-stricken things, bigamy, harm for parents, children), the first and the best thing is to forecast, which year does it occur, we should be avoided in the same year. Adjustment your destiny or change your luck.

7. Can it calculate his fortune according to the eight words about his birthday?
We can predict the good and bad fortune,if life is not perfect (the time) can to be avoided. Try to exclude.
Good luck comes, you can invest and worry nothing, strive all the more when absolutely no risk.

8. Is it more accurate by the plate to predict?
The plate was originally more accurate calculation methods, but in order to estimates, we must have a precise moment of birth, a lot of people do not know accurate birthday, there is no way to estimate accurately.

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