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Welcome to China Zhouyi Seminar

China Zhouyi Seminar –
Is first Information, Forecasting, Advisory Service Center in China.
Is the most advanced luck study of the National Institute.
Is the first workstations of Zhouyi,Name, Geomancy and Auspicate, Fortune-telling.
Is attented by the people of the world, creditable and sincere units.
Has a title of "for the country" certification from the People's Republic of China.
All forecasts items (include name),you can ask for any other teacher to re-test,we ensure we are right.
Serving the people wholeheartedly is our purpose.
China Zhouyi Seminar –
to give quality serve as the theme,
to edify life as mission,
to know life as goals,
to eliminate confusion and disaster as responsibility,
to give your life information cordially.

Impact Fate of Name
The correct name can make things smoothly; make one's mark will inevitable spread far away. Widely-known name come with famous fortune, well-known name followed with wealth.
1. The name is people (things, thing)'s signs of symbol identification and substance identification.
2. The name is people (things, thing)'s the first intangible assets which isn't native.
3. The name is people (things, thing)'s radiation of the quality information which affecting the quality of the information base.
4. The name is people (things, thing)'s concentrated expression of the brand value.

Mom give me a good name!
Baby name ---- let your name matches the reality.
Adult rename ---- you will be worthy of the name.
Firm name ---- help you get reputation and interests.
Brand name ---- well known to many people.

Destiny projections

Master my own future trend

Confucius said: "He who does not know the fate of himself can not be called a gentleman." Hope everyone will know his fate for more good fate and try to avoid bad. With the fate of birth, ranked eight words about one's birthday, to work out a person's good and bad fortune, it has a certain pattern, we hope everyone can seize the opportunity and develop future.
We can predict the good and bad fortune, if life is not perfect (the time) can to be avoided. Try to exclude.
Good luck comes, you can invest and worry nothing, strive all the more when absolutely no risk.

Change Fate
Chairman Shao Changwen said: " Every sick has its medicine, I'm afraid of people don't know the enjoyment; If grasp the opportunity and you will have a good life.”
1. In the universe we can see that if a Moon air is not reconcile to the Sun Air,which will lead to

Turns bad luck into good
thunder and lightning, hail, floods, drought.
2. Destiny is a small celestial bodies, the moon air and the solar air can't keep a good balance, the five elements is abnormal,which will lead to accidents, illness, penalties, bankruptcy, the fate is not smooth. But after adjustment, the moon air and the solar air will come to a good balance again.
3. Fate seemed dirty clothes, the clothes in the process bring bacteria. Change luck and fate is like cleaning clothes, it will clean again after washing.
4. The fate is like a field of vegetable, vegetable is sick when the pests aggrieve it, when the pests are killed, vegetables will be healthy. Changing fate is just like it.

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